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What is real?

The things I touch and handle?

The things I can see?

All that is physical around me

that can be measured and counted?


What about the sweet smell of a newborn baby?

I don’t remember a feeling more real than that!

With sweat and pain

exhaustion and labor obliviated by her

delicious cry!


She is alive!

All is well!

What relief and joy!

Love happens in an instant…for real!

My husand and I smile and see what “we” have accomplished…


Yet we know it is really a miracle.

Only GOD could do this.

Bring two cells together from our passion and in nine months,

make a complex human being

who is able to breathe and live and love!


It truly is a miracle!

Our Creator GOD…

He is wise.

He is good!

Then real life begins…


What is Five Minute Friday?  the dream child of Gypsy Mama.

What are the rules of the game?  

  • write for 5 minutes on the given word.  no muss, no fuss.  
  • add a photo if you want and link it on her page.  
  • be sure to make a comment to the person ahead of you…at least.
  • enjoy!