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Five minute Friday.  

What is it?  It was dreamed up in the very creative mind of Gypsy Mama.

What are the rules?

  • Write for 5 minutes…no editing, no back tracking.  I do reread it to be sure it makes sense and there are no typos. I can live with just so much spontaneity.  Those of you who know me only thought I was spontaneous.  I can’t live with all!
  • I add my links, photos and it is on its way.
  • Then, we must stop at the link ahead of us and make a comment.  This is very important!  We may stop anywhere else we want along the way as well!


photo: © Glenn Nagel |

“I am woman, hear me roar!”

That was the first thought that came to mind when I heard the prompt.

Yes, it was a great commercial…and song I believe.  Wasn’t it Helen Reddy?  (interesting motives for song lyrics!)

Does this come from a woman who is frazzled from trying to prove how accomplished she is?

Or from a woman who  is simply angry!

She does and does for her family and do they notice?  Rarely.  In fact, they often take her for granted.

They want her to do even more!

There are days she actually does roar!  She isn’t able to control herself and lets it out.

She spews the poison that sits and festers in her heart.  The regret she feels is huge.

All she wants to do is hide.

Where can she go?

photo: © Sergey Uryadnikov |