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Here’s a link to what I wrote about Caroline, our oldest granddaughter, when she turned 7 last year.  I’ll include some updated photos to go along with the link. Her birthday was May 25th.  I thought I wrote a birthday greeting for her too!

I’ve been very absent-minded this year.  We’re adjusting the medication (that’s not a joke!) I was going to do the same thing for Quinn, but when I looked back, I realized that last year I didn’t get anything written up for her birthday.  So I knew I had to write something for Quinn this year. By the time the rest of the birthdays hit, we’ll be further into the summer…and my blog should be safely moved and pretty.  I’m hoping that will all be done this next week… Happy Birthday again Caroline!  Eight years (+ a few days) have passed since you made us grandparents the first time.  It has been delightful!