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photo: CCO public domain/unsplash

Happy Birthday Holly!

Today is the first of many birthdays in our immediate family this week. It begins with Holly’s birthday today. She is our youngest daughter and the one we live near. She was born six weeks before we moved away from Jamaica…my only late baby. I was not happy about that part of it either! But she arrived when she was ready…nice and round with a mop of dark hair!

There was much about her early childhood that was not as idyllic as her older sisters’ was during those years in Jamaica. But one thing was for sure, they enjoyed her, for the most part. One of them said, “Everybody loves Holly.” At 4 and 6 years younger than her 2 siblings, that was often true. She didn’t get caught up in their sisterly squabbles usually.

Now she and her husband have 2 children and she is a physical therapist with lots of other interesting skills on the side.

This will be her last year in her 30’s. Next year, all my kids will be in their 40’s. Now that will be huge!

Happy Birthday Christy!

Later this week, Holly’s next older sister Christy will have her birthday on the opposite end of the country from us! Yes, our girls are spread out all over the place! She will celebrate with her husband and family of 3 daughters and new dog Hudson. Christy was also born in Jamaica. It was a wonderful place to live during the early years of childhood for sure!

She is a busy mom who is starting to use her developmental psychology Ph.D degree to develop a business that is part-time for now.

Next Monday will be my birthday. Both times I was pregnant, my hope was to have the baby before my birthday…and it happened! You see, I shared my birthday with my sister who was born on my first birthday! So I was ready to not share it with my kids. But yes, my sister and I have a birthday we share. For me, it will be a landmark birthday…70!

It’s hard to get my mind around that one! Fortunately, there are quite a few of us who are turning 70 at church this year so I’m in good company. It would be fun to line us all up so people could see how different 70 looks on people. This group is an interesting group because we were the first of the baby boomers born in 1946 after World War II ended and all the men came home. There was a baby boom for sure!

Happy Birthday to other family members!

As April proceeds, other family birthdays happen…a sister-in-law, my brother and the very end of the month? A granddaughter.

April is a happy time of celebrating birth in our family…along with all the other Spring fun. Happy, Happy Birthday Holly, Christy, Betsy, Elaine, Steve, and Quinn!