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73 years ago today, Ron Brady was born!  He was the second son of his parents but was born one year after their only daughter was stillborn…because she was too big.  She was 8 lbs.+  The next year, on a frigid Wisconsin night, Ron arrived.  He came too fast for them to get to the hospital.  His mother was scared to death but her 9 1/2 lb. son arrived safely.  (The doctor made it to the house.)  By then his older brother Bob was in elementary school (about 1st grade) and his younger brother Jerry wasn’t born until Ron was 6


Ron, you are the dear man I married almost 43 years ago in Plantation, FL (just outside of Ft. Lauderdale) when you were 30 years old!  I think I married you for your great sense of humor…oh yes, and the passion.  I can’t forget that!  We were “in love”.



The time has flown!  We have led a full life.  We lived in south FL and served at a few churches down there both before and after our years in Jamaica.  Then in January 1988, we moved to Tyler, Texas.  We have lived here ever since except for our recent four years in IL.

Who would have dreamed, when you were growing up in your small town in Chetek, WI that you would live in so many different places?  When we look back, we really have had an interesting life!

Much of your post-high school education happened in Chicago, IL…at Moody Bible Institute, Wheaton College and McCormick Seminary with 2 years in IA to complete your BA at University of Dubuque.  By the time you finished all that (1965), I was starting nurses’ training in Philadelphia, PA.  I was in Plantation when you came to candidate and noticed that you were single of course, but we didn’t have a magic connection the first time we met.  Fortunately for both of us, that came later.


Of the things I have admired about you, this is one that has meant more to me with time: You treat people with respect because they are made in God’s image.  You look them in the eye and listen to them whether you agree with them or not.  Whether they are rich or poor.  I have learned a lot from you in that regard.


You are also a man of integrity.  You don’t treat people one way in person and then criticize them or worse, make sarcastic comments to or about them when they aren’t aware or around.  I know you can do that.  It wouldn’t be difficult at all.  Your humor easily runs that way, but you realized it wasn’t right and worked to get that out of your life.  I think that helped our daughters have a much better view of the church than they might have.  We served a number of troubled churches yet you honored the frail people around you…because you knew of your own frailties.



Another thing that has been helpful in dealing with people in church, our own children, even our own sin is your firm belief in the complete and utter *depravity of humans!  Naturally, I’m a perfectionist/idealist to the extreme.  I’m shocked when my children/people in church mess up.  (I’m slightly less so regarding my sins.)  Especially when the “mess-up” hurts me or mine.  You rarely are.  I can’t count the number of times you have said to me, “Of course, they mess-up.  Of course, they sin!  They are sinners.”  I used to be especially upset when the children erred.  I had difficulty controlling my anger with them, especially when their disobedience was on purpose.  You would once again remind me why we were their parents.  We were here to train them, to teach them about Christ and the Gospel.  (We didn’t put it that way at the time, but that is what we were talking about.)  It was very helpful and encouraging…especially when I followed your advice.



So now that I have lived nearly 2/3 of my life with you, would I do it again?  YES, YES, YES.


I am so grateful that God brought us together.  HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!

*This doesn’t refer to the fact that we have committed every sin, but that sin has affected every part of our lives.  (term often used is “total depravity”)