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Happy Birthday Walker!  Now I have two 5 year old grandchildren.  How fun:)

So let’s talk about you.  You have a special place in our hearts.  Did you know that?  Why?  Because you are the only third grandchild we have!  You are our third grandchild of 6.  You are the first boy of six grandchildren.  You are the first of your parents’ children.

As someone who never had little boys, it has been interesting to get a taste of the world of swords (often imaginary) and superheroes, the love of cars, transformers, and all things digital.  (I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that your dad works for Apple.)  Of course, you love the delightful cakes your mom makes for your birthdays…and the great food she makes.  (I didn’t say you eat a lot of it, I just said you like it.)  I’ve also seen how you like to help her cook…and taste the scrapings.

It seems that for our family to have a boy, he must be born in TX!  At least that is how it has worked so far!  Walker was born in Waco.  Within a few short weeks, the family had moved to Franklin, TN.

Welcome Walker to the number 5!  Oh, and congratulations on graduating from preschool.  Hope your Kindergarten year is a great one next year!  Happy Birthday!  We love you:)