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Whoops!  This grandma goofed…big time.  It seems this must often be a busy time of year because I missed writing anything for my second granddaughter’s birthday…more than once!  Since I won’t get a chance to fix my mistake until next year, I’ll just have to back up and fill in some blanks!

Quinn Abigail…our second granddaughter…turned 5 about a month ago.  Her birthday


was April 30.  She joined the ranks of many in our family who have April birthdays and came in April instead of May as was predicted.  She and her two sisters were all born on Sundays.  Amazing!  I can’t imagine having every child on the same day of the week!

One thing I have observed about Quinn is her kind and sensitive heart.  She is very tender hearted toward people…and seems to have an extra sense about how to comfort them…and make them feel comfortable.  For someone so young, I have been amazed to watch her in action.  I suspect she will grow up to be an encourager of people.  I just hope she won’t have to be hurt a lot in the process…but it often happens.

She definitely has drive and can compete, but that doesn’t seem to be what motivates her.  She seems to want to cheer up the people she is with, not in show-off ways, but in ways that make them more at ease.

Once I watched as she comforted a cousin who was distressed at losing a race.  She grabbed the cousin’s hand and said, “Come on, I’ll run with you.”  And she did.  I was touched that someone that young (4 at the time) could be so aware and sensitive to hurt and need in another person…and how to help them!

Quinn is the second of three girls, but she is no wallflower.  In a group of children, she will be playing and having  grand time just like the next person.  She doesn’t seem to be a high maintenance person.  Of course, she has her moments just like we all do, but she is someone a person is drawn to for her kindness.

I think we’ll hear more of Quinn in the years to come.  (She’s not the only grandchild I feel that way about!)  It will be exciting to see what God makes of her.  I expect she will become a beautiful woman who will have a lot to contribute to the world and those she loves.  Happy Birthday again, dear Quinn.