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Happy Birthday Walker. You were our first grandson, born 8 years ago! We look forward to what GOD will do in your life in the years ahead! #1grandson #3grandchild

Photo: Martha G. Brady

This week, we have been celebrating some of the firsts in our family.  Today is the celebration of our first grandson.

He was was our third grandchild.  Walker Scott Welch.  Born 8 years ago today. His birthday came a month +1 day after our second grandchild Quinn Abigail.  They have usually lived across the US from each other so they don’t get to see each other very often.

Introducing a boy into our family has been quite interesting.  We were used to girls, pretend, squeals, dress-up, drama.

With a boy came something different…in unexpected ways.  Now we have legos, computer games, thoughtful questions and affectionate hugs.

Walker is going into 3rd grade.  He is growing.  He is all boy for sure…but sensitive too.

He has a will of steel, a common trait in this family…both sides!  He also has a warm heart and a thoughtful soul.

There is much for GOD to use in the years ahead.  How will He do it.  It remains to be seen how.

How can you pray for your children/grandchildren?

Don’t limit what GOD can do in their lives!