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hbmiaHappy Birthday to you.  Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday dear Mia!  Happy Birthday to you.

Yes, today is Mia’s 5th birthday.

She is our 5th grandchild of 7.  She is the 4th granddaughter.


Mia faces life with much enthusiasm, joie de vivre, and love of all things princess.

She wants to have long, long hair, you know, like Rapunzel.

She loves to dance or do gymnastics tricks.


She adores Grampa.

Every so often she just blurts, “I love you Grampa!”

And she runs to hug Ron.


She speaks her mind.

There is no pretense with her.

And she has plenty of curiosity about the world around her.


She is a very girly-girl.

She likes to wear dresses and skirts.

After all, they are so delightfully twirly!


But she also loves to climb trees and run with the boys too.

It will be very interesting to watch her grow up.

She is a delight!


Happy Birthday Mia!

You’re growing up fast.

Now you’re five.