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photo: unsplash

photo: unsplash

I have no sense of direction



It took me a long time to realize

That there are people who were born

That actually knew how to find their way when they are lost.

Without a compass or map.


I never understood how that could be.

What I need is a map

Held in such a way that the top is north and the bottom is south…

Or a GPS of course!


My husband has a sense of direction.

We have had many discussions about what it is like.

But some of the towns we have moved to have been problematic for him

Because he said that his sense of direction was a quarter turn off!

Having an innate sense of direction that gets skewed is worse than never having one before. You know the setting that once was true is no longer. Share on X

I guess that would be a problem if you had an innate sense

Of which direction you should go and your sense was skewed.

It would be worse than not having any sense of direction at all!

But I am oblivious.


Is that how Adam and Eve felt after they sinned?

I wonder if that is what Adam and Eve felt like after the Fall.

They were born with a perfect moral compass.

They knew what it was like to have perfect fellowship with GOD.

Then they disobeyed Him and broke the one rule He gave them.


For the rest of their lives, they had to live with a broken moral compass.

And the regret that comes with making a horrible decision

It was no longer easy to find their way.


Do you ever feel like you can’t find your way?

What do you do during those times?

Who is your compass?