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photo: Martha G. Brady

photo: Martha G. Brady

It’s time for Five Minute Friday and Fellowship Friday.

The word prompt for FMF is REACH.


Reach for the stars!

That was my dream…

To reach for the stars.


I didn’t quite make it to the stars.

But my life turned out well anyway.

Because in other ways, it turned out better than I dreamed it would.


I didn’t gain world-wide fame

And honestly, I didn’t really expect to.

I married a wonderful man who is honest to the core…


As honest as a human can be.

I realize even our strengths and good points are still tainted

With bad motives and affected by the Fall.


But I married well, by the grace of GOD!

The children we were given grew to be responsible adults

And women who love GOD, their husbands and families.    STOP


That is no small blessing.

We reached.

GOD blessed in many unexpected ways.


He gave grace during times that were difficult.

Now we continue to serve Him

But at a slower pace than we once did.


And some day we will shine with the stars!

Only there won’t be any darkness…anywhere!

Only the Light of Christ…won’t that be stunning?




Fellowship Friday #34