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I learned that not all goals will be reached b/c of issues of my weakness, an unrealistic goal or the life circumstances. i have to keep at it to progress. #reachgoals #newyear

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I’m looking back over this past year to see themes I’ve dealt with and how I have progressed. No, I didn’t reach all the goals I hoped to. But I made some progress. I learned that I have more work to do…and I may not have been dealing with root issues in some areas. I learned some goals were bigger than I thought. You might say, the mountains were much higher than I realized. It helps to know that as I face another year of struggling with those goals. I also learned Sunday that I have hope in other areas to consider. (I’ll be sharing that tomorrow.)

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Healthy. It was my word for the year. I started off decently. I started regular exercise at the gym. I cut back on carbs and managed to lose 10 pounds. I needed to lose at least 20 pounds. Unfortunately, when Ron had his stroke the end of April, I got way off track…way, way off. Not only did I regain the 10 pounds, I gained 10 more! Ouch! Can you spell depressed? Oh my. I am having to get back on the horse and improve the way I go about losing the weight!

This theme is found in many posts relating to other areas of life as well. How do I live in a healthy way? In my church, community, family, etc.? Right now, I struggle with ways to deal with my weight because it is a relatively new problem for me. But it isn’t THE problem. Weight is rarely THE problem, only a symptom of a problem. So I have to get down to what that is and work on it! UGH!


Order. Part of healthy was also gaining order in my house. We still weren’t totally unpacked after 2 years in Huntsville and 2 moves. It was wearing on me! I made considerable progress for sure. I got rid of loads of items and stuff. Bags and bags, boxes and boxes of stuff. But, I still have more to go. Ron’s stroke set me back in some ways, but in others, I got some help when my daughters came to visit.

Our first year here, we lived in a house. Our second year here, we downsized to an apartment. If I had used the 6 months before to plan for it, I would have been fine, but I didn’t know how to plan for it really. I totally underestimated how much space we would have and I was in denial about how much stuff we really had…and how much of it was pure junk! Going through it alone is hard work…on top of learning to do finances and well… I still have a good way to go!

Change. This is a frequent theme of the blog and has woven itself through the posts this year. Some on minor changes in plans. Many on major changes resulting from Ron’s stroke in April that changed a lot of plans we had in the Spring and have affected our life since.

Pastoral transition. As of January 1, 2015, our last pastor resigned. Our search committee has worked hard all year praying and searching for a replacement along lines delineated in cooperation with the session. They went through 80 recommendations. Our church has been praying for them and the pastor He has been preparing for us…and his family. Two Sundays ago, they announced their recommendation. He is our current Associate pastor who has been functioning as interim pastor and initially removed his name from consideration.

What was the response? A standing ovation! How cool is that? Since Will has been functioning as pastor all year, he knows what he is getting into and so do we! The official vote is in early January. It is great seeing GOD work in this area. We know He will continue to guide in the months ahead as they find more staff to help Will.

Series. I wrote just a couple series this year. But they were fun ones! One was with a group at Kate Motaung’s blog. It was on writing and the book On Being a Writer by Ann Kroeker and Charity Singleton Craig. I not only learned a lot about a writing life, but we had a great group of ladies participating in our community. It was delightful! I also wrote a 31 day series called The Jamaica Years: Growth in Grace and Truth. It was about our years in Jamaica and some of what I learned during the 7 years there. When I sat down and wrote it all down, I was surprised at all I learned. It was fun to write and brought  back so many memories!

Serendipity. Interspersed among those themes were song and hymn stories, Scriptures and tidbits and this and that along the themes of aging, change, the gospel of grace, relationships, mentoring and serendipity. I hope to do a few more series this year. I already have a couple I am working on. I’m not planning on many 31 day ones. They are killers!

This year I anticipate making more progress in some areas where I failed last year. My post for tomorrow is taken largely from a sermon Sunday that inspired me regarding my word for the year. A post on my word for 2016 is coming soon. Have a wonderful day!