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photo: Martha G. Brady

photo: Martha G. Brady

The uses for old pictures frames are many…I mean MANY! I googled the term and came up with a better and more visual list on Pinterest.  Wow!

Of course, you can always sell or give away picture frames. But that is boring. I laugh when I write those words! Actually, I have sold many frames and even given some away! But I have plenty still left!

What can be done with frames?

You can paint them, I mean really bright colors, and continue to use them as picture frames. You can also use them to frame blackboards (you only need to paint your own board with blackboard paint), magnet boards (a piece of flat metal covered with fabric or spray painted), bulletin boards of every variety you can think of, or simply an empty frame.

You can even use them to frame a “white board.” Do you know how to make one? It is just glass and you write on it with the same kind of pen you use on a white board.

Here are more ideas and some overlapping ideas.

I was surprised to see framed cork boards used as jewelry holders, decoupaged paper or fabric frames (they need very simple lines of course) and frames used to make beautiful trays and small side tables.  Take a trip to Pinterest and allow your imagination to roam.

I was quite surprised to see all the ways old picture frames can be reused and repurposed! Take a look at Pinterest. Write in “picture frames” or “old picture framce” and you’ll have lots of things to look at!

Enjoy finishing your unfinished projects.

Repurpose the things you have on hand…

and get rid of the rest!