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photo: Martha G. Brady

photo: Martha G. Brady

This is normally for my Tuesday slot, but we were travelling on Tuesday!  Instead of waiting until next Tuesday, I’ll put it in today.  As much as I enjoy traveling, I’m ready to be home and in a routine.  My blog likes a routine even more!

This is a project my daughter was working on and it is perfect for someone cleaning out closets, getting rid of stuff or even wanting to make a cool project from scratch!


  • A cookie sheet…it can be an old beat up one from goodwill or a garage sale or a new one from a $ store.
  • fabric or heavy paper or wallpaper that is 2″ wider and longer than the cookie sheet.
  • adhesive spray
  • optional: glue gun, ribbon trim, iron-on adhesive.


Click here for link to directions for making and finishing magnetic board.

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Whoops! I forgot to mention the magnets!  Since I’m cleaning out, I used some of my millions of  buttons and stuck them to magnets.  Obviously, you can stick anything to magnets and use them to stick things onto your board.  Just use your imagination!  The magnets I used had sticky stuff on them.  I’ll see how they hold up.  You can also use the glue gun to hold them on.

Happy decorating with leftovers.

**I thought I’d share this post with my Fellowship Friday readers today just to mix things up a bit.  For some of you, summer is running down and ideas are running out for things to do to keep everyone occupied.  This series is normally a Tuesday series that you can check out each week.  It’s a way of clearing out some of the supplies you have on hand that are taking up space as you clean out drawers and cupboards…or make the attempt!  It’s part of my Finish Your Unfinished Projects series.