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dresserbefore I don’t usually write much about crafts or craft projects, but I decided that right now, that is part of my life.  So I’ll write about my most recent projects I’ve been working on.

If you are anything like me, when you move, you need different types of furniture to fill gaps in places you didn’t have them before.  I’m trying to find some cheap ways to replenish pieces without looking too cheap.  I know I’m not alone there.

Anyway, I had a dresser in bedroom #4 that I was only using for utilitarian purposes.  I got it very cheap at a garage sale a few years ago.  As I started working on it, I realized the finish wasn’t worth salvaging and I needed to just go ahead and paint it.  At the time, I didn’t know what color to paint it, so I gave it a basic coat of white until I decided what to do with it.

I think that was about 10 years ago!  Ugh!  Now that I’ve moved…again, I didn’t have a bedroom to put it in, but I did have a full dresser…full of craft supplies!

So this time, I decided to get a decent finish on the dresser.  Since it was going to be in a dark hall, I wanted it to be a bright, cheerful color.  I also wanted it to be easy.  Do you blame me?

Here is what I came up with.  I got chalk paint…or to be more specific, it is paint with calcium carbonate in it.  It is easy, peasy!  You can paint it on any surface.  It doesn’t have to be sanded or primed.  You can sand it, it just isn’t required.  That’s my kind of paint!

For this dresser, I painted 2 coats of green…watered down the second coat a bit.  Then I did a white glaze that I painted on and rubbed off partially.  It landed in cracks.  After 24 hours, I rubbed in a dark brown wax that protects the finish.  After a few minutes, I rubbed that off.  I may put on another coat of the wax because I don’t think I put on enough…or let it sit long enough.  But it gives an old feeling and takes the edge off a bright color.  The more detail your piece has, the more crevices the brown can catch in.

So take a look at the pictures.  The before photo wasn’t well lit. it was taken from a moving photo!

Below are some great resources that can help you if you want to take this journey.  The paint isn’t cheap and is not sold in paint stores.  It lasts a long time.  It can sit out and doesn’t get a skin on the top.  (I covered mine with plastic.)  It gets thicker but can easily be thinned out with water.  It is great to work with!

dresserafterSome of my resources tell you how to use it and even make up your own.  That’s why I’m passing them on to you.  Both blogs are loaded with resources.  I’ve simply linked to a few to whet your appetite!

Resources:  from Blue Egg Brown Nest:  #1, #2, #4.  

from In My Own Style: recipes for different types of chalk paint  (if you want to save $$)


PS. I use a different brand of chalk paint than these ladies…and I love it!  The brand is Maison Blanche.  The people who sell it here are very helpful!