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photo: iStock: ImagineGolf

photo: iStock: ImagineGolf

Five Minute Friday: we write for 5 minutes without editing.  Go to the link on Lisa-Jo Baker’s page and see what is there. (Those links are now outdated.)  The link is now to Kate Motaung at Five Minute Friday and other information as well.


What happens when I fall?
Do I sit there and whine and moan in a pool of self-pity for a time?
Do I jump up and quickly brush myself off, pretending nothing happened despite the bleeding knees?

Or do I deal with what has happened?
Do I weep appropriately in pain?
Do I find someone who can bind my wounds?

Most importantly, do I seek the help of those who can give me the proper aid?
I am now aware of my weakness.
I need to find strength.       STOP

Most of all, I need forgiveness and reconciliation.
For that, I often need outside help.
The log in my eye is often difficult to see.

I need the One who forgives
Again and again
Without recrimination.