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photo: iStock: ImagineGolf

photo: iStock: ImagineGolf

This week flew!  I had hoped to get another post in…and might on the weekend.  But the week vanished into thin air.  All the work on our house is finished…from outside people.  I’m just trying to finish getting settled in.  I’d better make it quick too.  My brother is coming on Monday to help us get some square foot gardens going.

I wanted to do it for a project for my grands.  I thought they would enjoy seeing actual food grow.  But I know we will enjoy having some fresh food for ourselves too!  I know we’ll enjoy his visit and learn a lot this week.  Now, on to finishing the guest room so he can get in and out and relax there!

Five Minute Friday: we write for 5 minutes without editing.  Go to the link on Lisa-Jo Baker’s page and see what is there.  Yes, she is the brains behind Five Minute Friday.  The rules are listed there as well.


What happens when I fall?

Do I sit there and whine and moan in a pool of self-pity for a time?

Do I jump up and quickly brush myself off, pretending nothing happened despite the bleeding knees?


Or do I deal with what has happened?

Do I weep appropriately in pain?

Do I find someone who can bind my wounds?


Most importantly, do I seek the help of those who can give me the proper aid?

I am now aware of my weakness.                    STOP

I need to find strength.


Most of all, I need forgiveness and reconciliation.

For that, I often need outside help.

The log in my eye is often difficult to see.


I need the One who forgives

Again and again

Without recrimination.


Five Minute Friday