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photo: Martha G. Brady

I feel that so much of my life is spent doing the same thing over and over and I don’t seem to make much progress. I collect paper on my coffee table as if it were a trashcan! I try to keep it neat, but somehow it always looks like a complete mess!

I know moms of little kids can identify. They are doing different things than I, but they have that same feeling of being on a merry-go-round that doesn’t stop! Doing the same chores over and over again!

It seems I am always going through paper and throwing it out by the reams! And that is after I have thrown out most of the mail before it even gets opened. (I learned that trick when working for my doctor. He said, “Don’t waste your time opening the junk mail. I’m not going to read it.”)

Ron didn’t like me to do that at home, but he doesn’t get through the mail as quickly now, so I toss as much junk mail as possible now so I can just have him read the important things…and not much is important!

After being dragged down by a fairly minor bug last week I just didn’t have the energy to get much done. I also couldn’t tolerate much food either so it was a catch 22 situation. This week is much better for me, but Ron got hit by a bad bug on Saturday night that had me cleaning and washing lots of laundry.

It seems to have passed quickly for him and I now have 2 nicely cleaned bathrooms and lots of clean towels and laundry! I can mark those things off the list for awhile now!

I finally got to start a project I have wanted to work on for awhile!

Since I needed to stay home with Ron on Sunday, I took the time to start on a creative project I have wanted to work on for awhile. It was nice to step out of the routine and be able to paint and fix up something that will brighten my living room. The color I had on hand is going to work well and with the antiquing brown that is rubbed on, it is great now that i have a second coat on. Now I’m figuring out that I might wash the curtains in the living room since it has been awhile.

It seems the have-to's always get done...eventually. Click To Tweet The want-to's are the things that add sparkle to life...and creativity. Click To Tweet

It feels so good to get some things done that give this place a feeling of home. I get in my little circles of doing laundry, washing dishes, fixing meals and trying to keep up with the “have-to’s” that I don’t seem to get to the fun things.

Maybe I’ll just have to make time for the fun things and schedule them in. That way, I’ll get them done. It seems the “have-to’s” always get done…eventually. The “want-to’s” are the things that add sparkle to life…and creativity. They are things that keep life from being dull and hum-drum.

“…made all that the Lord commanded Moses; and with him was Oholiab the son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan, an engraver and designer and embroiderer in blue and purple and scarlet yarns and fine twined linen.

Exodus 38:23

This is a description of someone who worked on the tabernacle who was a craftsman in creative and artistic skills. We often think of those as “fluffy” and unimportant. But GOD needed these people to build His house as well. They were needed and His house was beautiful!