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These weeks seem to fly by!  It is already Friday again.  I can’t believe it.  Not only is it Five Minute Friday but it is also our 44th wedding anniversary.  I can’t believe it!  The time has flown.

Well, back to Five Minute Friday rules.  Write for 5 minutes and don’t look back.  Well, if you do, don’t edit much.  Link to Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday page.  Last, but not least, stop by the person before you and leave them an encouraging note.


Forty-four years ago, I married Ron Brady.

I walked through a door into a wide world

I barely knew existed.

Not only was it the world of marriage,

But the world of adulthood, relationships,

Children, parenting, moving, grief, loss and passion…and so much more!


At times, I look at the pictures of that bride and don’t even recognize her.

She is young and unmarked.  She is very inexperienced.

I had just graduated from college.

She doesn’t have a line on her face.  Her feelings were easily hurt.

She read into the behavior of others all kinds of deep, hidden meanings

that rarely existed.


Ron introduced me to his broader, wider perspective on life.

I often hear it said, “Oh, he’s such a man!”

It is said with such derision…

But frankly, I enjoyed his take on life.

It was such a welcome relief to my naturally suspicious one.


He believed the best about people…by choice.                                               STOP

He tended to suspend judgement until it was proved

that his negative “judgement” of another’s motives was true.

I had never learned to do that before I knew him.

I learned that it makes for a much happier life!


This past 44 years has not always been easy.

There have even been times when life has been downright difficult.

Times when we were out of work, couldn’t seem to have a living baby,

Didn’t feel like we fit in…

But we have grown and learned together.

Much of the time, we have laughed and enjoyed ourselves…

even when those around us thought we were a little crazy.


I have loved having him as my pastor during most of that time.

I have known that he is a good man.

A man who is genuine and honest to the core…sometimes too honest!

There is nothing fake about him.

The women in our home have been able to look up to him.

His subtle sense of humor was always here to diffuse tense situations.

He provided stability for all of us.


Thank you GOD for his wisdom and love.

Thank you for forty-four years together.

It is a gift neither of us expected because our fathers died young

I am grateful for the wide world I entered 44 years ago.

It has been delightful.

I have now been married 2/3 of my life.

WOW! What a gift.  I hope for many more.


PS.  We are also celebrating the 4th birthday of #4 granddaughter today.  Yes, she was born on our 40th anniversary!  This is our year with lots of 4’s:)


photo: iStock skodonnell #1666198