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It’s Five Minute Friday once again.  Because my posts are out of sync because of my guest post, this won’t get up until Saturday, but it’s my fun part of the  blogging week.  Trying to find a photo slowed me down.  I had to settle.

The rules?

  • Write 5 short minutes.
  • Don’t edit.  Don’t second guess;
  • Link to Gypsy Mama, or Lisa Jo…mother of 5 minute Friday.
  • Stop by to write an encouraging note to the person ahead of you at the links.


photo: © Oleksii Sergieiev |

Do I see as GOD sees?

“Of course not!”  you tell me.

“Of course we don’t see as GOD sees.”


And it’s true.  He sees all eternity

from before Creation to now.

I don’t.


He sees and knows the hearts of people.

He knows their true motives…along with their pain and vulnerabilities.

He sees it all.


He sees it, not in the way a person looking for superficial facts and information sees it.

He sees it in the way a person who knows the worst and still loves you sees.

They see you in a way that shows they “get” you…and still love you.


GOD is so good that way!

He sees us.  He knows us…

He loves us despite all the flaws…and downright garbage!


He has provided redemption.

It is wonderful to be accepted into the family.

It is great to be seen…and welcomed…and loved!