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graphics: Martha G. Brady

graphics: Martha G. Brady

do i have a world perspective on the gospel?

what are you talking about martha?

i’m asking if you have a world perspective on the gospel?


is your view of the gospel purely related to the gospel & Biblical teaching

as you know it, from your perspective in the united states?

do you see it from your view based on where you live in the u.s.?

what political party you belong to?

what denomination/non-denomination you belong to?

what beliefs you have that you don’t consider to be related to any of the above?


to bring it closer to home…

how does the gospel relate to abortion? not your political view, but your biblical view.

some of you think your view is the same for both, but it may not be as close as you think.

what about your view of the right to bear arms…the biblical view.    STOP

or your view of women’s roles…in marriage, the church, the community.

to say nothing of your view of relations with those of different races and cultures.


no, i’m not talking about the practical, pragmatic ones or even a politically based one.

what does the Bible have to say about them?

not what have you always heard,  but what does the Bible actually say?


at the heart of it all…what about our equality in standing before GOD as humans?

what does the Bible say?

does our perspective in terms of the world, not just the u.s. help us?


i often hear these discussions going on and so often,

they are taking place on so many levels that i lose track.

there are too many layers to most of these discussions.


but at the foundation, there is only one layer

that often our world perspective helps us with.

the gospel is for the world

not just the u.s.


we get tangled up in terms…and terminology.

political correctness makes honest dialog difficult at best.

if we look at the gospel and its outworkings

from a world perspective,


we find many of these areas break down

to much simpler formulae

that takes more dependence on GOD’s grace

to put into practice.

  • Love GOD
  • Love others as you love yourself


all over the world

people understand that.

we are all equally unable to do it on our own.

we have to have jesus!


as people created in GOD’s image,

we are to respect and honor the image of GOD

that is in the other person.


yes, it is broken and fractured by the Fall

but it is present.

whether that person is poor/rich, black/brown/asian of any kind/even white!


whether they are privileged…or appear to be.

or broken in the worst ways (from our perspective)

born or unborn, aware of what is going on around them or not,


whether they are sinners like us

or their sins are different than ours,

we cannot treat them like they are trash.


they must be treated with honor and dignity

not like they are an inconvenience,

that their sin is more heinous than yours,

or they must be done away with because they will cost us too much

in time, money…or even forgiveness.


Have you stopped to think about your views of the gospel and

what you think the Bible teaches in view of the world or

do your “Biblical” views only apply to life in the U.S.?


Are you sure?



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