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Stevie feeding bird at the zoo.

We had a chance to experience the fact that we are grandparents this past weekend.  Since we don’t live in the same town as any of our children, we don’t get to enjoy our grandparentdom very often.  Enjoying it in our home, is extremely rare.  We had all the above.

Our oldest daughter Dawnyes, the one who lives in Ukraine, came to see us while it is least risky for her to travel.  She arrived in the U.S. about a week and a half ago and had to visit doctors and do some basic errands in Austin.  Then she was able to head up here for a short visit with her 2 1/2 year old son, before getting back to Austin for her weekly OB appointment tomorrow.

Stevie wasn’t quite two when he left last August for Ukraine.  He talked quite a bit then, so it wasn’t surprising to hear him talking, but he has definitely matured since then.  Now he is 2 1/2.  He is a bundle of energy.  He is able to express himself very well in words.  It is not difficult to figure out what he is saying.

He is also all boy…something we aren’t used to, with only 2 grandsons.  He is quite a social soul.  He loves running around outside.  He seems to have Houdini-like skills when it comes to locks and places that are designed to keep him out!  He studies it for awhile and before long, he has figured out how to unlock it or open it or whatever is necessary.  The child lock designers need children like him to test their products on…if the products can pass him, they truly are effective!

Stevie pulling his zoo-cart

Our trip to the zoo on Saturday, revealed that his interest in animals is only trumped by his interest in a simple plastic cart with a door on it designed to make it easier for him to get around the grounds.  It seemed to be something of a toy for him.  At times, Grandpa pulled him around in it, but at other times, he wanted to pull the cart around himself.

Watching him move about this weekend has been a delight!  He is a very sunny little boy who is constantly on the move.  His blonde hair and bright blue eyes dart from place to place.  He can often be reasoned with…something that is unusual for a 2 year old.  He is alert and aware of the world in which he lives…and is asking questions about often.  Each day is a new day for him…he greets it with joy and delight!  A common phrase

We look forward to his new little sister’s arrival in mid-May.  It will be interesting to see how he adjusts to a new member to his family.  If all the paperwork is done when expected, they plan to return to Ukraine in August.  There is a chance I will tag long for 2 weeks to give them a hand.  We’ll see how that plan materializes.

Stevie and Grandpa looking at the giraffe

I just had to share some of our weekend with you.  Please pray for our daughter and her family during this few months of upheaval as they await the birth of their daughter and prepare to return to Ukraine.  I have more photos from our spring with grandchildren…and children.  Now that I got them all downloaded today, I’ll be sharing some more with you!  We’ll be back to our regular scheduling next week…now that we’re back on our regular schedule.

Stevie giving "thumbs up" as they prepare to head for the train.