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anabellaI know why GOD has arranged it so that generally we are raising our families when we are young.  By young, I mean pre-menopausal.

There is something about the way my brain worked back then that allowed me to to juggle lots of details, be physically active, multi-task and most of the time, take it in stride.

I don’t have tools to run a young family anymore

After this week of helping our daughter’s family with a 4 year old and 20 month old, move and settle in, that tells me I don’t have the tools to do this all the time anymore.

We go back to the motel at night and crash!  After the first day, I fell asleep for 2 hours before I could even get my shower!

These are normal, active children.  These aren’t hellions at all.  I realize I’m just old.  Ugh!  I hate to admit it!

But this has been, overall, a very fun week.  These are my grands who have lived very far away…in Ukraine.  It has been an opportunity to get to know them…and for them to get to know us!   Of course, they are getting to know some of our warts…so am I.

We are enjoying getting to know our youngest grands better

It’s a funny thing.  During this season of visiting and living near grands, I have learned one thing.  There is not one of the seven who isn’t strong willed!  It is a powerful gene on this side of the family tree…and not surprisingly, the people our daughters have married have it strongly on their side as well!  Not all are extroverts, but all have strong wills…something that will hold them in good stead along the way for the most part.

There are a lot of immigrants in the family tree…from Norway, Sweden and Germany, and further back, the Scotch-Irish ones.  None of them were wimps to be sure.  Only the strong and tough survived!

Along with the strong wills come lots of charm, great senses of humor and plenty of mental sharpness as well.  We even have a few entertainers in the mix.  It will be interesting to watch them grow and develop along the way!


Good-bye St. Louis…for now

And so we enter our final day here in Missouri.  It will probably be a bit more laid back.  The boxes have been emptied.  The clothes and toys are put away.  Colds are starting, another adjustment to a new place.  Today will probably be a loosey-goosey day for a little fun and relaxation before we head home tomorrow.

Back to our world in Alabama…and their new life here in St. Louis as classes start next week.  They are so ready to settle down for awhile.  And we need to get back home and on to our duties of the New Year.

How is your New Year going?

What new things are you learning?