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One year old!  Wow!  This has been a fast year for a little boy who was so waited for.  What a joy you have been.  What a delight!  Last year about this time, your mom was getting ready for a C-section.  She wanted a regular delivery, but she wanted a healthy baby more.  You were a week late.  Your head was NOT engaged and nothing was happening to get that labor going AT ALL so the doctor needed to do a C-section.

If you had talked to your mom 5 years ago, she was uncertain that she would ever get married, much less have a baby.  Within a short period of time, she not only met your father, she was married and soon after that, you were on the way. So there you were, safely arrived in the world in your glorious plumpness, with the appropriate amount of irritation at being dislodged so abruptly from your cozy home.  You have brought immeasurable amounts of joy to your parents…who probably still can’t believe that you are here!  Your smiles and happiness to all who come in contact with you have a happy effect on everyone…friends and strangers alike!

The joy you’ve brought to your grandfathers, after whom you were named–Steven Ronald–knows no bounds.  You are the first grandson on one side of the family, the second on our side.  We don’t look forward to saying, “Good-bye” in 2011, when you leave for Ukraine for a three year stint.  We do know that our temporary loss will be their gain.  For now, we try to enjoy you when we can and put the good-byes at the back of our minds.  They will be here soon enough.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVIE!  Welcome once again to the family.  We’re so glad you have joined us.