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I don’t often have recipes on my blog, but the few I have had, have attracted lots of readers. This winter has been very mild here in our part of TX.  So much so that I keep forgetting it is winter!

However, I hope you all send in your favorite recipes for winter.  This is a great time to include such things as crock pot recipes, soups and anything else you can think of that you eat in the winter to keep cozy!  I especially like easy recipes that also taste delicious!

What does this have to do with grace?  Good food is the way we grace our family, we show hospitality, we show mercy to people who are suffering…You get the idea, right?  But our ideas often falter.  We need to prime the pump!  So these are the ideas for today as we help each other.

The recipes will be here so you can link them to either your blog or a facebook page.  That way, we can all enjoy them.  It will also show us your blog.  I’ll have the link open for two weeks so you’ll have plenty of time to get your recipe(s) put up.

Happy linking!  (Be sure to link to the page of the recipe, not just the blog link.)

**If you don’t have a blog or place to link your recipe to, put it in the comments.  We’ll enjoy it there too.