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soup1I don’t have many recipes on my blog, but the few I have get used often.  I want to give you a chance to share some of your favs with us.

I remember our recent years in IL.  There was nothing as delish…or as comforting, as soup and fresh, warm bread on a frigid, gloomy day.  Actually, it was good when the cold days were sunny too!

For you, another meal may be your favorite.  I’m going to try my first linky experience with you and some recipes.  I did try it once before, but no ne sent in recipes.  I have more readers now so am hoping for more participation!

I’ll also link you to another favorite soup of mine that I mentioned on my blog.  Katherine looked it up, cooked it and added photos too.  It’s a lot prettier than if I had done it…for sure.

Here’s the link to Rachel Ray’s Limed Shrimp Black Bean Soup.  My version often has chicken if I’m out of shrimp… or time.  With cooked chicken, I can just toss it into the mix and add the seasonings.  It’s not as exciting as shrimp, but almost as good for sure!

Finally, I’m going to add a recipe that a childhood friend of mine…and one of my bridesmaids in my wedding nearly 45 years ago sent to my facebook page recently.  Her name is Linda Gore, Linda Bond Gore in fact.  We first met in 4th or 5th grade.  I was in 5th grade, she was in 4th.  I think that is the way it was.  She is an absolutely amazing gardener.  Her garden is to die for!  I think she is a good cook too.  She taught for many years and now in her “retirement”, she tutors dyslexic kids in her home.  I think she is rather amazing!


1- 2 to 2 1/2 lb. deli-roasted chicken (really any kind you want)

1- 15oz can unsweetened coconut milk

2 C. water ( I sometimes add boullion)

1/4 C. lime juice (2 med limes)

3 medium carrots sliced thin diagonally- 1 1/2 C.

8 oz fresh sliced mushrooms

1 orange pepper sliced into thin rings cut in 1/2

1 TBS soy sauce

2 tsp Thai seasoning blend- I use Hokan 5 spice powder1/4 tsp salt

1 bunch fresh cilantro

Lime wedges

1/4 pkg. vermicelli noodles or rice noodles

I precook, drain and add to finished soup just heating through
Shred chicken and add to all the other ingredients. Bring to a boil, cover, and simmer about 8 minutes until veg are crisp tender.
Add noodles.
Serve in bowls adding a little extra seasoning, a dash or 2 of Hokan Chili Oil, and chopped fresh cilantro. Use extra lime wedges as garnish on edge of soup bowl. I can’t get enough of the lime flavor. This will make enough for 4 bowls.

So join us. Follow the directions on the linky.

In the “name” line, put the name of the recipe.  The idea is that you post your recipe on your blog and put the link there in the URL.  If you don’t have a blog or facebook link, then put your recipe in the comments section.  That’s the best I know to do.  Be sure  you give us your name in the body of the recipe also.  Thanks.