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I tried a new recipe on Sunday night and decided to share it with you today since the last recipe I shared seemed to be popular with you all.  By popular, I mean that the bounce rate (When someone looks at your blog and bounces off quickly. We like bounce rates to be low.) was one of the lowest I’ve had on any post!  You all are a quiet bunch so I don’t have a lot of comments to go on.

I enjoy an occasional recipe so this one I’m calling Cheri’s Cranberry Salsa.  It wasn’t original with Cheri Bowen, but she is the person who introduced me to this recipe so I’ll name it after her.  (She is more like me in that she doesn’t get a lot of recipes named after her.  We are good enough cooks, but not the kind who get recipes named after us.)

So here is the recipe…I forgot to take a photo before we finished it up!  But here is a shot of Cheri…during VBS!


1 pkg. fresh cranberries                      juice of 1 lime

1 bunch cilantro                                  6 green onions

3/4 c. sugar                                         2 deseeded jalapeno peppers (opt.)

1 T. olive oil


Pulse all ingredients in food processor.  Serve with lime tortilla chips (or your preferred flavor).


These are so yummy with the tart of cranberries and lime, some sweet and the cilantro.  If you like the extra jalapenos, you can add them.  I could eat it even without the chips.  Sooo good!