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hiyhbutton2So, today is the day you get to share what you have been learning this month as you have memorized II Peter 1:3-4 or as you are developing the habit of memorizing Scripture yourself or with your family.  So, this is the time to share with us what you have to say.

Either add a link here that links us to your blog or link to your page on facebook.  Take time to come to my page on facebook if you don’t have your own blog and add it in the comments there…after you “like” the page!

I know, the page isn’t much right now, but I’m going to be developing it into more in the coming months…so join us over there and add your comments…to links to the blog, additional comments about almost anything…except spam of course!, and comments about things that I’m asking for today.

Tomorrow, we’ll be visiting friends from TX who are about 3 hours from here.  Are we excited?  You bet!