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Today is Five Minute Friday.  This is an idea dreamed up by Gypsy Mama to help us all find our true writing voice…and encourage each other as we do it.

We write for 5 minutes and stop.  I read what I have written.  I’m not brave enough to blindly leave it all out there.  I make too many typos.  I want you to understand what I wrote!  

Then I add my photo and links and send it on its way.  The final step?  We must write an encouraging comment to the writer just before us.  I often visit a few.  Come join us to read what others had to say.





Hiding in the dark

I reach for Light.

Fear has kept me here.

Fear of hurt and pain.

Fear of what others think…or what I think they think.


As I stretch up and am stretched by life

and the One who created me…

Who knows me better than I know myself.

I find the warmth of His Light.


Embraced by the love of His people.

Their love doesn’t always feel warm…or even cozy.

Their truth can be prickly.

But it is all by His design.

I realize that I keep growing…and blooming.


Rain has fallen.  Frigid winds have blown.

The Light has been shining on me…

and I have grown

into the beautiful bloom He is creating.