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Hi Mom!
I thought for Mother’s Day I would write you a note you could post on your blog (since I couldn’t figure out how to put it there myself 🙂

Dear Mom:
Happy Mother’s Day! I am so thankful to have a mom like you.  Now that I am a mother of three girls, I can really appreciate some of the decisions you made with us (and I can also see how difficult some of them must have been).
The one thing that always blows my mind when I think of it is how you chose to encourage my creativity and originality in the face of some of my baldfaced lies!  I don’t know how you kept from saying, “You lying little twit!  Do you really expect me to believe that one?” You were firm in reminding me you would not be duped and punishing me when I was wrong, but you never made it into a character assassination. I know that was a conscious choice for you.
I also vividly recall a time when I was punished at school for something I didn’t do.  The principal said my “alligator tears” wouldn’t sway her, but you believed me.  What a comfort when I realized I wasn’t on my own — I had someone who vouched for me!
I hope I have the strength to mother my kids with grace — just as you did.
Happy Mother’s Day!
Thanks for the note Christy.  I appreciate the kind words.  Love, Mom

Photo: 2008 the last we were all together and dressed up for a camera.  It was Dawn’s wedding (the last of the 3).  Holly is to Dawn’s right and Christy is to my right.  I’m not certain who took the photo.