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That’s right! Ron’s 42 radiation treatments finished today.  It wasn’t that long ago that we were starting this trip.  Now he is done.  No matter what happens, he won’t have anymore radiation.  That is all the radiation that part of his body will have…ever.  The expected outcome is a cure because the cancer was found so early.  That is what we hope and pray for as well.  Pardon the occasional “we”.  I know he was the one who had to endure all the discomfort, pain, irritation and fatigue.  But there is a “we” to anything like this.  It doesn’t diminish the first person endurance and suffering.  Hopefully, the “we” helps carry the load and encourages.

When he finished his treatment today, Ron received a T-shirt (see photo), a mug (which he says are the most expensive of his life!) and a personal card from all the staff of the office with an encouraging note.  He is now an alumnus of school he had no plans to attend…ever!

Of course, there will be follow-up visits to his radiation oncologist, urologist and internist at the proper intervals.  Hopefully, this chapter of our lives is finished.  But of course there is no guarantee.  We really don’t know what the future holds.  We must trust God one day at a time.  Only He knows the future…for any one of us.  So we plod along and trust Him for the grace we need for each day.



He promises that His grace will be “sufficient for our needs.  For my strength is made perfect in (your) weakness.” (I Corinthians 12:9)  If you look at the whole verse, you see that His power is shown in these weak times.  So we can be thankful for them too!  We know that to be true both from our own personal experience and that of many friends…over time.

We are grateful  for no further problems…so far.  We are grateful for God’s daily provision of gritty GRACE, the kind that is needed when life gets rough.