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Last night I arrived home, unpacked my overloaded suitcases, washed two loads of laundry (and am caught up, not like when the kids lived at home!) and set about getting things put away…oh yes! and catching up a bit on the blog world.  I didn’t finish the putting away or catching up (I think it is impossible in the blog world!).

Now to the orders of today.  I didn’t have to jump up early and be somewhere–always nice to be able to get up slowly.  My non-morning self loves that!  I got my shower and washed hair–glad that is done for a few days.  It is now 1:30 PM and we are in the urologist”s office for the first procedure to get Ron ready for his radiation. It is probably the most painful one as well.  They will insert 3 gold “seeds” or wires that are put into the prostate as markers for the radiation.  If you really want to know how they do it, you can google it.  It is done the same way the biopsies are done except with only 3 sticks instead of 12 that the biopsies have.  (It makes me hurt to think about it frankly.)

Evidently, not all urologists use local anesthesia.  Ugh!  You know all the talk we hear about inhumane treatment of animals?  Well, that would be way up there in the category of inhumane treatment of humans!!!  Fortunately, Ron’s urologist uses local anesthetic.

So, the rest of our day will be a quiet day at home.  Supposedly, he is supposed to be able to go about his job tomorrow so we shall see.  I will work tomorrow evening.  That will be it for the week.  Meanwhile, I have lots to do to get things in order around the house.  God’s grace is with us even now…fortunately.

PS.  Fortunately, the procedure for Ron went very well.  So far (5:30) he hasn’t had pain or bad side effects.  We are pleasantly surprised.  Hopefully, that will be the story of the next 24 hours.  Either way, we do know that God’s grace will be sufficient.