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Today was a fun and funky day.  As usual, I didn’t get all the things done that I wanted to.  You moms thought you were the only ones who had that problem, right?  So not true!  The things you learn to deal with as moms are part of growing up.  As a mom, you often get to deal with them in a more in-your-face way, but they are all things that are part of life.  One thing that is part of life is that the to-do lists are never done!

As I’ve said before, I gave up trying to get ALL the things done that are supposed to be done by Christmas.  It was impossible for me to do all of them (especially since the list kept getting longer and longer!)  Besides, I wanted to enjoy my family, have time to think about WHY we actually celebrate Christmas (what a concept!) and have relatively stress-free holidays.  This is what I did.

I now send New Year’s cards/letters…yes, they look like Christmas cards, but they are usually sent after New Year’s.  That way I have updated addresses, can answer/thank people for gifts or comment on info in their letters.

Another thing I do less of is a lot of baking…especially not mounds of cookies.  (The girls are no longer here.  We usually travel to see them and grandchildren.)  Ron and I cannot NOT eat sweets if they are in the house.  We usually have a little, but the older we have gotten, the more we have tended to gain weight.

I know I won’t have any sympathy here, but it is hard if you never had a problem with your weight, to first of all wake up to the fact that you actually ARE overweight and second, to know HOW to lose weight since you never had to do it!  All that to say that the few things I bake to take to friends are done either after all the other things are done or in January.

The advantage of January is that you can bake when you are often shut in because of cold weather anyway.  Then, when you are ready to deliver, you can plan to do it when you can stop and visit for a bit.  That is rarely possible at Christmas.

So today, one of the two places I went gave me awhile to visit and catch up with one friend.  The other one was busy trekking children to lessons.  It was still fun to cheer them up with some small things to show they were thought of…at Christmas and throughout the year.  I’m not sure who enjoys this more, me or them…but it is always fun to get in touch once more.

What are some of the things you do during or after the holidays to build relationships with friends or family?