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I'm guest hosting today at The topic is loneliness and how it can be a blessing. Click the link and go to her site to see what I have to say. #loneliness #blessinginlonelinss

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I know. I sort of disappeared. We went out of town for a week and returned to the ER with my husband and 2 weeks in the hospital for him! There were lots of tests and finally…they decided he had an abscess in his neck! It was walled off and wasn’t causing any fever or pain or any symptoms. He was just having trouble swallowing.

He has been home just about a week now on IV antibiotics with some home health nurses involved for lab draws. (I’m giving the antibiotics.) We have gradually caught up on our rest from the hospital stay and gotten into a routine so he gets all his medication in the right order. But that is all I have been doing.

Meanwhile, I agreed to write this post on loneliness for a new friend Marissa Bondurant of I finished it before Ron fell, before we went out of town, before he went to the hospital  It’s a guest post on her blog that i’m starting here. I hope you join her at her website. Make comments and if you enjoyed your time at her site, pass the word along on social media. If you enjoyed the article, let me know either here or on her blog…and pass the word along.

Now you are caught up on me. Now to the article. Click here.

Here are some quotes:

The blessing of loneliness is that it shows us our weakness and our need for Jesus and a closer relationship with Him. We realize how much we need his help in decisions where we may not have felt the need before. We need His resources to move ahead of us and open our eyes to provisions He is making for us, That is the singular blessing of loneliness.

We also realize how much we need the help of others around us. Before we were in this position of loss or being widowed or essentially losing our spouse to dementia or another illness even though he is alive, we may have felt able to manage whatever happened. Now we often feel weak and unable to manage. It is a feeling few of us enjoy. But it is real. We have knowledge gaps and ability gaps. We realize more than ever that we need other people to help us. We may need their help buying cars or figuring out how to manage money or who to choose to do a number of jobs that were handled for us before. It can all be confusing and overwhelming now.