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peekabooThis is a bit of a ramble today.  It’s a bit like leftovers…a little of this, a little of that.

After a really delightful week, well mostly, with our family for Thanksgiving.  We had 2 of our 3 daughters with their families here for a short visit.  We had a total of 4 grandchildren here.  The ages?  7, 2-4yr. olds and an 18 month old.

Add to the mix the fact that the younger two arrived throwing up.  Now that was fun.

I think that of the 4 nights spent here, my daughter slept with her baby on her chest on the couch 2 of those nights!  We had towels and bowls available at all times.  The worst was the first day.

But just as the baby would seem to be doing ok, she would throw up again!  It seemed like the washer and drier were running nearly non-stop the first day or two.

They left on Saturday and all seems ok now.  Yeah! No more vomiting for Anabella.  They were able to show Stevie where they will be living in January and where he will be going to school.  Now they will be in Michagan for 3 weeks.  In January, they will move to St. Louis.

Adults visiting, cousins playing together…lots of good food!

miaDespite all the sickness, we were all able to get together with our local daughter and her family.  They enjoyed playing with their cousins.  In between all the chaos, we got to visit…and eat!

At Christmas, my husband and I will be able to visit our third daughter and her family in Seattle.  Then in January, we will trek to St. Louis again to help with the move of our kids there.  We have the makings of a busy month to 6 weeks ahead!

Now it’s time to prepare for Christmas!


Now we are going to get ready for Christmas.

In the middle of all this, I’m also getting ready to lead my small group in January.  We will be studying JESUS CHRIST by John Stott.  Each chapter will study a Biblical passage on one aspect of who Jesus is.  I’m looking forward to it.  The study won’t start until mid-January…after all the traveling is done.

I’m looking forward to a great study with both personal growth and growth for our small group of women.  So, looking ahead for the next couple of months, I see good and encouraging times ahead!

I hope you all have a great week…and that this Christmas season is one of blessing and encouragement for you as you think about what it meant for Christ to leave the glories of heaven and come to earth.

How are your Thanksgiving leftovers?

What are you looking forward to about this Christmas?


I took gobs of photos.  I was totally unable to get a photo of these four active children in one place where they could be seen!  They are cuties, but busy:)