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Printed form of Romans 15:13 ESV with quilting illustrations.

Graphic: Martha G. Brady

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Are you in need of hope? Do you need hope from God that has nothing to do with circumstances that are discouraging? That hope will not come naturally. It will need to come from a supernatural source. That is what this passage is talking about.

One aspect of who God is, is the God of Hope! As His child, one who is filled with the Holy Spirit, hope will be evident in your life as an outworking of His grace.

We Christians worship the God of Hope. This God is able to fill us with joy and peace as we believe and trust in Him. What do we believe?

  • That He loves us immensely.
  • That everything He allows into our lives is for our good and His glory.
  • That whatever is happening or going to happen is under His control.
  • That He will give us the grace and courage to face what comes when we need it.

Meanwhile, we can allow ourselves to overflow (isn’t that what abound means?) with hope!!

We do not have to worry or fret. We do not have to walk around with a cloud of gloom over our heads or even have a fake Pollyanna cheer about us. It can be genuine hope. The details of the next to last chapter of our story aren’t written. But we know how the book ends. The last chapter is one of triumph and delight.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, we can overflow with hope, because of Jesus. He is the God of Hope.

ChangePoint: Think about what it means that God is the “God of Hope who fills you with joy and peace.” What does that mean in relation to areas in your life where you are not experiencing hope, joy or peace? Think of the definition of hope: hope is confident assurance based on the Person and promises of God.

How would who God is and what God has promised contribute to your hope, joy, and peace?

Jot down your thoughts and any other thoughts you have in relation to this benediction. My understanding is that these benedictions are here for us to pass on to one another just like any other Scripture. These are good passages to memorize and pass on to each other for encouragement. Often it will come back to you when you need it.

Benedictions are not just for when we are in a worship service. They are for when we are out in the everyday of life.

May you abound in hope this week as a result of the work of God’s Spirit in you!