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Graphic of II Thessalonians 3:16 ESV with quilting illustrations.

Graphic: Martha G. Brady

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This week’s Benediction is very short…and sweet! Where does peace come from? The Lord of peace. It’s pretty simple, but for some of us it can get complicated too. He is the One who gives us peace.

He created us down to the tiniest detail. He knows every part of us. He knows where we are no matter how high, deep, or far from Him we go. There is no reason to expect that He would not be able to know what would give us peace, is there?

We often search in the strangest place for peace. We look for it in other people, in satisfaction from our accomplishments, in satisfaction from a career or our parenting style. But no matter where we look for it, we will find it to be very elusive. It tends to slip out of our hands like an eel you might try to grab…or worse, a cloud that has no substance.

Peace, or Shalom, the kind of peace that is made with yourself and with God, is a calmness of soul. It is a peace within that means you are right with God and within yourself. You know that no matter what comes your way, you will be at peace with it because God will give you the ability to deal with it no matter what it is. Why? Because He is with you. He has the resources to help even though you do not.

I see some changes coming in my life. I will need to think about how to adjust. I need God’s peace. How about you?

Right now, I see on the horizon, changes that may be difficult. It is true that they may simply be the result of Ron’s recent fall and his recovery from them. But they may also be a worsening of his condition. At this point, I have no idea. These benedictions are so helpful to me…especially this one!

Yes, I can worry over what might come or what might happen. But what a waste of energy for me. And what a waste of time! I will simply get myself upset and worried and it will help no one. However, knowing that the God of peace is able to give me peace as I face an unknown, possibly troubling future is very encouraging. He will care for me as I care for Ron. He will provide what I need along the way…just as He has done for all of my life.

Change Point: You may not be facing the same circumstances I am. Your need for God’s peace may be in other areas. What are they? Jot them down. Where in your life do you need to know God’s peace? Write a little about your need and what about God’s character would meet that need. Do you find it difficult to admit you have a need? Do you have a difficult time asking Him for help when you are aware of your need or weakness? Write about some of those struggles and even the possible why’s that may have entered into why you have them. If you are a normally anxious person, peace will not automatically become a part of your life all the time. It will often be a process as God helps grow it in you. Ask Him to show you how to trust Him in the middle of unpeaceful times. He wants to help you.