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Graphic of Revelation 1:5-6 ESV with quilting illustrations.

Graphics: Martha G. Brady/Canva

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Today I was able to get to church since Ron is still in the hospital. This was our benediction at the end of the service. I was quite certain it wasn’t on the list I was working from for these benedictions I have been writing. Later, I looked it up. I was right! God’s love for us is not a new concept in many of these benedictions. Even when it isn’t spelled out, the concept is often present.

The fact that He has a freed us from our sin by His death for us, is another concept we often find in these benedictions. This one speaks of the fact that He has made His people into a Kingdom.

The people of God who have been freed from sin through Jesus’ death on the cross, are part of His Kingdom placed here on earth to show the world what God is all about.

In eternity, that Kingdom will be perfect and complete in a way that it isn’t now as we live in a fallen world. But we have the ability because of Christ, to live in a way that shows Him off to the world.

Letting my mind wander on that concept is very encouraging for sure! The people of God are all part of a Kingdom that He has placed here on earth for now, but one day, we will be together in eternity…forever. It is where He will be the King in every sense of the word. He will have power and dominion over everything in ways He doesn’t now. Sin and evil will no longer exist. It will be amazing.

But right now, there is a real sense that we are a kingdom of priests. We, His people stand out in a way that is special. Certainly, one job of priests is to intercede for those who are not in the Kingdom as well as to be advocates in this world for that Kingdom. We are to show this world what this Kingdom is about. It is about action, not just talk. And it is loaded with the kind of love Jesus showed us…the kind of love that sacrifices for those around Him…even those who don’t care for Him at all!

We have been freed from our sin by the blood of Jesus so we can be representatives of this Kingdom who love others in a way that gives glory to God!

We have been freed from our sin by the blood of Jesus, not so we can simply do whatever we want, but so that we can be representatives of this Kingdom of people who love others in a way that gives glory to GOD! What an amazing benediction. A lot is packed in here. Am I this kind of representative of the Kingdom? Isn’t this a wonderful benediction to pass on to one another?

(This was written June 27, 2021. I thought I had already published it. I sat down to write a post for tomorrow and realized this was nearly ready. I have been a little busy with Ron home and extra medical care needed for him.)