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Are you a writer? Interested in influencing others? This might be a place you want to join. 3 times a year you get the chance. This is one of the weeks. Friday nite at midnite the gong goes off...until Fall. Click my link so I get credit. thanks. #joinhope*writers #marthagrimmbrady #change


Are you a writer? Or have you had thoughts of influencing others through writing? You may be interested in joining Hope*Writers. It is a group of writers who get together to improve both their writing skills and their ability to get published. Both are needed. Hope*Writers is a great group of people at all levels of writing who are learning to grow at whatever stage they are. It’s a place where you can speak up ask for what you need.

With jobs all catty-wampus, you just may want to work on a new skill to have in your back pocket. Especially if this is something that has been on your mind.

  • It starts with a quiz that gives you a rough idea of where you are as a writer.
  • There is a library of writing and videos that will help you move further. You can get into smaller hope circles for specific areas you want to learn.
  • There is a Friday share space where you can share one post or IG or whatever that you did that week. It will help you get to know others in a different setting.
  •  Each Tuesday there is a zoom conference with a writer, agent, publisher or whatever. It’s called Tuesday Teacher. They are interviewed for an hour and are recorded. I have learned so much from those visits. It is very interesting and helpful.

And if you just need some help, get on the site and tell them what you are struggling with and you’ll have replies in no time. You won’t believe all the resources available. The people are helpful, encouraging and humble. It is a wonderful place to grow.

If you think you might want to join, this is the week to do it. They are only open for new members 3 times a year. They close Friday night at midnight Eastern time.

Here’s the link!

Click this link to join so I get credit  This link should take you to the page that will offer you the test that helps you see where you are as a writer. It also offers a place in the bottom right where someone can answer your questions online…or set up a time to answer them. Clicking the link won’t drop you into a hole that automatically makes you a member:) Don’t laugh. I used to think that.

This has been a great group for me. I have learned so much and met many great people. Every couple of years, there is a conference. I was able to attend this year and it was great! I met with an editor who gave me very helpful advice.

Below are some interesting links you might enjoy that will give you an idea of some of the resources you would have available as a member of Hope*Writers.

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing a Book

How to (Finally) Make Progress in Your Writing Journey

The Writer’s Income Guide

Member Stories  These are always interesting!

I must move along. I should have put this up last week. Time is running out if you want to do this. Blessings.