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What is the key to growth as a writer? Engagement with other real life or online...preferably both! #AnneKroeker, #KateMoaung, #engage, #Marthagrimmbrady, #writing

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Today is the 9th in the series at Kate Motaung’s blog titled On Being a Writer by Anne Koeker and Charity Singleton Craig. The book is also available at the website. This is week fiveShe has links to all this information and earlier posts on her site. Here are the links to my earlier posts: IdentifyArrangeSurroundNoticeWrite. SendPromote, Discover.

It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. ~E.B.White

I realize, not for the first time, the lack I feel in my writing life. I don’t feel that I have found my people in terms of writing yet. Yes, I have met a person here and another one there that I realize I need to pursue if I am going to engage with other writers in a meaningful way. I have met a number of great writers through this forum that I would like to pursue. But to say I have a group of writers that I interact with regularly now? No, I don’t. I feel I don’t fit with any group anywhere. I don’t say that with any joy or delight.

In terms of local writers? I have not found a way to engage at all!

I realize the lack I feel in my writing life. I don't feel that I have found my writing people yet. Click To Tweet

More recently, I have found some writers that I think I might fit with better than most I have met previously online. I think finding out where I don’t fit can be just as helpful as finding out where I fit. Well, almost! I have recently cut back on some of my link-ups. I haven’t had any less visitors since I did, so my gut feeling that I wasn’t connecting at some of those places must have been correct. So now, to find ways to connect with those with whom I find a closer connection…and understand where and I why I fit.

I will now have to find real life writers according to the recommendations in this chapter. The suggestions were very helpful for sure! The link-ups seem helpful as well.

Stretching and growing. This seems to be the only way to keep the fizz in our lives!

Stretch, stretch, stretch! I guess that is the thing about writing. We never stop learning or stretching. Just like life! Once we stop stretching and growing, we get stale, dull and flat. The fizz is gone.

So the area where I need to grow and stretch, as far as engagement, is to find local or close to local writer friends that can be mutually supportive and challenging. It is easy for me to find ways to encourage others. I hope to find others who can tell me what I’m doing right and what needs to be changed to improve my ability to communicate. I have very little frame of reference. I never had a creative writing class in college.

So the area where I need to grow and stretch, is to find local or close to local writer friends that can be mutually supportive and challenging. Click To Tweet

Engage, engage! How is that for scary? It is much more threatening in real life than online. But probably more valuable as well. So I will proceed to find others with whom to engage! I’ll be checking out my options at the library and Barnes & Noble for sure. From there? There are so many opportunities aren’t there?

March 25, 2020 update: I’m happy to say that since this original post was written, I have found a local group of writers to interact with. I have also found a couple of online groups as well. It has helped immensely! I’m not where I would like to be, but I’m making more progress.