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This is the season of Advent.

Advent is the anglisized word from latin that means coming.

Think of all the years He was waited for!

Those of us who have been pregnant feel that 9 months can drag.


But the promise of Christ came in seed form at the Fall!

As time went on, the prophecy was built on.

Slowly but surely, more and more was revealed.

But often the first and second comings were prophecied together


So they were expecting a King rather than a baby.

They expected something and someone glorious

Rather than a humbly born baby, a poor man, a humble servant

Isaiah 53 notwithstanding.


Sometimes, we get an idea in our minds.

It is difficult to adjust to the truth despite obvious facts we only see, after the fact.      stop

But on this silent night long ago, the Christ was born in a manger.

On a dark field, the angels made the stunning announcement to the shepherds

And led the magi to Him via the star.


It was an amazing night.

An amazing season.

The coming Messiah had finally arrived!

Glory to GOD!