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photo credit: Ragesh Vasudevan via photopin cc

photo credit: Ragesh Vasudevan via photopin cc

Dear Dad,

The years have ticked by since your sudden passing in 1973

About this time of year.

You were only 54.

Younger than I am now!

I had recently had our second daughter.

When I received the phone call that day


I was sure there was a mistake!

They meant grandpa, not you.

He was the one who was failing.

But shockingly, it was you who had died.

In your office. At your desk.

Of the kind of heart attack called a widowmaker.


The clot lands at one of those bifircations and it blocks the bloodflow to the heart

And the person is gone too fast for much intervention!

My world was rocked to the core.

It was then that I realized how close our connection truly was!    STOP


I assumed that each of my siblings felt the same closeness I did toward you.

I didn’t realize that those early weeks of my life when my mom was hospitalized

Made a connection that was deep and close.

We had an understanding.

And during those years in Bolivia?

When Mom and Betsy were away and sick?

You and I were the ones who stayed behind and held the fort!


There have been so many times since your passing when

I would have given anything to be able to sit and have one more conversation.

Tie up loose ends. Say one final “Good-bye”

But it wasn’t meant to be.


The pain of your loss pushed me to Christ

in ways I never would have known otherwise.

I miss most that you didn’t get to know my kids as they grew into adults.

You would have enjoyed them so much!

Your easy laugh. Your conviviality.

Your enjoyment of the outdoors….and coffee!


Your nervous energy. Your chewed nails. Your long stride.

It was always fun walking next to you!

I loved that you and Mom loved each other.

I was glad to be your daughter.


From my perspective, your life ended way too early.

But GOD knew better.

I’ll be glad to understand His perspective one day.

With all my love….