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photo: © Gaby Kooijman |

Once again, our family’s birthday season has gotten underway.  It really started a week ago with Mia’s birthday, but it is now official with the patriarch of the family celebrating his almost three quarters of a century birthday.  The big one will be next year!

Once again, I’m delighted to celebrate another year with you Ron!  I still remember one of our early dates when you expressed concern that with the difference in our ages and the history of heart disease that caused your father’s early death (age 47).

It was such a romantic setting for such a serious topic…we were on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, FL…under a full moon!

Yes, I’ve been fortunate.  You have been healthy.  I didn’t have to raise my children as a widow as I knew could happen.  It worked out much better for our girls for sure, to have your calming influence…to say nothing of having you as our pastor all those years!

So, once again, happy birthday!  We are grateful to GOD for giving us the gift of you!  Read more about last year’s birthday for Ron here.