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photo: © michaeljung -

photo: © michaeljung –

Do you ever have times when you are on a learning curve and you feel there is just too much to learn? I think that is happening to me right now. I have been trying to learn from a free blogging class I’m taking about ways to improve my blog. It hasn’t taken long to figure out that there are way too many details that need to be done to this blog. What can I do to help you most?

I read a little way into the material and realize that I don’t know how to find the program or tool that is mentioned. When I find it, I don’t know if it is will work for me and my needs…or even if it functions the way I want it to.

What will make this a better blog for you?

I ask myself, ” How will this make my blog better?” Meanwhile, I read each page. But it goes much slower than I expected. Ugh! Technology and behind the scenes work on blogs is no fun…not for me.

Why? Because I don’t get where I or the goals I have for this blog fit into it all. Because it takes extra time to do things that might help or they might not. It is always a gamble.

Worse yet, I don’t have my readers in front of me. I don’t get to talk to them/you in a way that I hear back. I don’t see your eyes to see that you  don’t really agree with what I am saying so I can ask a follow-up question. Or make an adjustment to find out where I have lost you.

I guess I went on too long. The ramble was non-productive this time…maybe usually. And now you know the frustration of the blog writer! At least this one.

I want to improve my writing so your reading will be more pleasurable!

I want to write…and improve my writing. I know it could be better. Certainly, it could be more concise!

But I have to spend time doing a lot of things in addition to writing to grow the influence of the blog.  The writing is the most important part of what I do! I can’t forget that either.

So, I’m trying to learn more, learn how to streamline my connections on the internet as well as my relationships…something I find difficult to do online. Not being able to look in a person’s face is difficult for me.

So I trudge on. Learning more, writing more and trusting GOD to guide me.

I guess that pretty much describes your life too doesn’t it? No, you’re not writing a blog, you’re living your life. But you want to grow and improve…and trust GOD to guide you!

You’re not sure how to do it. That may be why you read other blogs…because they are helpful in that growth.

What would make this blog more helpful to you?

Are there topics you need to hear more on to make this a more useful place to stop?