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photo: Miles

Sometimes I’m a slow learner.

It is especially true when I work from a blog…a blog where I get rare feedback.

I don’t know if I talk too much and you are worn out before I finish or what, but even when I have a good question at the end of my blog , I get very little feedback.

There are some who say we should write to the woman/man/individual that represents who our reader is.  I have a very general idea in terms of age…but not much more than that.  The majority of my readers are age 30-50 ish.  Most are women, but a few brave men venture to these pages.

Understandably, people are less desirous of revealing their locations/parts of the country where they live.  This world is getting to be a very weird, dangerous place.  We must be wise when we talk on the internet.  Too many of the lurkers don’t reveal themselves and are often not people we want to be sharing our lives with!


I did learn one thing this year!  My readers are not lovers of recipes.  I thought a few of you would be, but no, not a one!  I’ll retire recipes from my blog.  I have tossed them in for fun on occasion, but they must not be your “thing”.  After giving opportunities both this year and last for you to share your recipes, no one bit.  Oh well…

I’ll keep the recipes I do have and ocasionally, I’ll add a new one, but I won’t reach and try for a group sharing of recipes.  Back to the drawing board:)  Usually I can take hints:)


I hope you are finding the Hide it in Your Heart feature helpful.  It is offered the first Monday of the month.  I haven’t gotten much feedback on that either so don’t really know if it is helpful or if some tweaking will be more helpful to you.

Please speak up.  I think my contact form is working right now…I hope.  If you don’t like seeing yourself in print, that is an option and it comes only to me.  If there are ways this part of the blog can be more helpful to you, let me know.  I have a couple of ideas for broadening its use starting in the Fall.


This is another series I have started to develop.  I’ve written a couple of posts.  I have some ideas for growing it more regularly soon too.  I’ve started writing a 30 part series on that one.  Obviously, I can’t promise a person that in 30 days they will be a grown-up if they follow the directions!  I wish I could!

Is that title a turn-off?  Or does it get your attention and pull you in?  For me, the many sub-topics came together  under that one as I realized factors that helped me grow in maturity.  They are so diverse, they don’t fit under much else.  But tell me what you like/hate about the series.  I don’t think I’ll be waiting until the Fall to start it.  I’ll let you know when I have it ready.


What topics are most helpful to you?  Which topics aren’t helpful?

While it is true that I don’t get any negative feedback, the problem is that I don’t get much at all.  As long as you can say what you need to and be non-cussing and fairly polite in the way you say it, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to handle it…truly.

I know I need to improve the blog…I might as well improve it in ways that are helpful to those of you who actually take the time to read it!

Thanks!  I’m glad you joined me today.