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basic photo: weekly snaps

basic photo: weekly snaps

prompt: ready


i go through life
and everything seems to be the same.
year after year
i get stuck in the same ruts.

here and there
changes happen.
but they are imperceptible.

i realize i need to change in certain areas
but i am also aware that it will cost me.
it will be inconvenient. often painful.

my old ways of doing things will have to change.
i will have to develop new habits.
am i ready?

do i want the change enough to pay the price i need to,
to make the change?
that is the question.

often i have to face myself and realize
I don’t want to pay the price.
I don’t want the change enough!

other days, i realize i want the change.
i need the change.
i embrace it.

i am willing to pay the price.
i know it will be uncomfortable at times.
i am ready!


**i can’t believe i actually did this in 5 minutes! that never happens!!