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Photo: Martha G. Brady

Photo: Martha G. Brady

Today, I’m using up lots of extra paper!

In terms of making cards, it can involve a variety of papers, a variety of crafts, and a variety of skills.  I’ll give you an idea of what I did.  Your leftovers may be different,  I’ll give you some ideas about what other types of things you can do to either use up what you have on hand or design what you would like to use.

First, I had a bunch of papers already on hand that I realized I can use to make cards with.  As I started to make samples, I realized how much variety there is in crafting these items!  Here are some of the options:

  • watercolors on white by you or your children made with either watercolors or watercolor pencils that you dip in water or brush water over.
  • coloring by your children on any color paper.
  • cutting a simple card from printed cardstock and writing a message on the inside
  • finding envelopes at the craft store and cutting cards to that size
  • making smaller sized cards for gifts where you only add the name and short greeting
  • you can use rubber stamps for to/from, happy birthday, happy anniversary, thank you, etc.
  • if you have cute or calligraphic writing, use that.  I’m not good that way.
  • let the kids write. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

I have scratched the surface of ideas for you.

I do recommend that you  have a day when you make/cut a bunch of cards.  You can have them all ready for putting the greeting on them or you can label some for thank you’s, birthday’s, etc. and when those events come along…you will just be ready to grab a card, send it or attach to the gift and you will be good to go!

Photo: Martha G. Brady

Photo: Martha G. Brady

The specific directions for the cards I made

  • Choose your envelopes.
  • Cut the paper for cards to fit the envelopes.  In this case, they were 8 1/2″x 5 1/2″.  I cut them on a small paper cutter I have.
  • Fold each card in half.  If you look on the web, you will find a cool way to do it neatly by scoring it.
  • The card on the right had a solid color on the inside so I left it plain and will stamp “Happy Birthday” or “Thank You” on the inside…or I may just leave it plain and write a personal message on it.
  • The card on the left has piece of paper cut from a grunge paper that is stamped with “9” on the front.  Another 3″ square was put on the inside where I’ll probably stamp it later.  In a different card, I could use that paper to cover a print and give me writing/stamping room where it will show up on the print.
  • In about 1/2 hour, I was able to make 8 cards that will be able to be used in the future.  Four are more masculine looking and four are more girlie looking.
  • For those of you concerned about cost, the large 12″ x 12″ tablets of papers that I worked from cost about $15-20, depending on whether they are one sided designs or not.  I never buy them at full price.  The craft stores have weekly coupons offered where you can purchase them at large % off depending on your store and get a good deal on them.  I think that is how I got extras on hand!  I don’t buy that kind of thing at full price.
  • Realize that I have showed you very simple versions of card making.  A look online will show you how complex it can get!

And for the rest of you who can’t be bothered with the crafting?

I get it.  Some people hate crafting.  I understand.  I love it.  I get tired of paying so much for them, but I get that you don’t feel like making them!

I just thought I’d pass on a way to clear out closets…if you have a bunch of that kind of thing sitting around!


**I can’t quit without mentioning an important postscript here.  Sending cards and notes of encouragement can be a very meaningful ministry to others.  It is one I haven’t done well enough at all!  

But I have a good friend who has made it an intentional ministry of her life!  In fact, it is an outworking of her devotional time as she prays for others.  Then she sends them notes of encouragement often based on GOD’s Word.

I can’t tell you how her ministry has helped and encouraged many of us who were in that church!  It often seemed her words and reminders from GOD’s Word would arrive just when we needed it…and when she had no idea we were even struggling.  

So when I mention this craft about cards, it not to start a new craft as much as it is start being intentional about reaching out to others in an encouraging way.  And I’ll have to start with myself!