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Photo: Martha G Brady

Photo: Martha G Brady

I love lots of craft projects.  That’s how I have so much stuff on hand.  I have this idea that I can make things myself and I’ll save money.  Then I run out of time, don’t get the project finished and have to buy it anyway…sometimes.

I’m not good at marketing.  Not good at all!  I can’t seem to find a way to make any money for the things I make.  They aren’t trendy enough I guess.  Or I’m not fast enough making them to make it worth the time it takes!  Yeah, that’s it!  Anyway, that’s how I have so many things on hand that I’m trying to use up either for gifts or…something.

I’ve always wanted to learn to knit.  I have tried…more than once.  Honestly, my mom really couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get it.  She loved to knit.  She found it to be very relaxing.  I was able to play the piano pretty decently in my prime.  But something about knitting escaped me.

I’ve decided I’m just totally uncoordinated.  Totally!  I can crochet…not stunningly, but I can do it.  Knitting seems to be nearly impossible.  Trying to coordinate 2 needles?  Both hands at the same time?  It just doesn’t work out for me.

I have learned to do some simpler knitting projects on the loom

So I have found one way to do small, simpler projects.  I made this scarf on one of these looms.  They come in a variety of sizes.  There is an extra small size that works well for doll hats and scarves.  My granddaughters and I made them one Christmas in Seattle for their dolls.  They were fun and not too difficult.  Usually the looms come in kits with 3 but not always.  Take a look in your local hobby store to see what your options are.

The nice thing about scarves made on these looms is that there is no wrong side.  The scarf is as wide as the diameter of the loom.  You get to choose the size of the loom!  As I was reviewing videos, one recommendation was to make it as long as the person you are making it for is tall.  That is a great suggestion!  I struggled with the length when I made this one.  I wasn’t too far off.

The first video is designed to show you how to use one of these looms.  There isn’t much difference between a scarf and a hat when making these except in how you finish it off at the end…and possibly the size loom you use!  Once you get going, you get into a rhythm and it goes pretty fast.

The other project I want to show you is this one that I think is very cool.  However, I’ve been trying to do it myself and I can’t coordinate my hands well enough to do it.  Of all the choices I had on the internet, I thought this was the simplest in terms of directions.  I still hope to get some human help and figure out what I’m doing wrong so I can make this cool scarf.  I suspect that the stitches I have to put on are the hardest, but I may be wrong.

So there you have 2 different ways of “knitting” your projects…even if you can’t seem to figure out how to knit!

They will help you use up knitting supplies or odd leftovers of yarn. I hope this is fun for you.

Most of all, I hope you are able to use up some of your supplies!