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Strip quilting is a great way to use up fabric. Use quilting of smaller projects for finish up your fabric stash! Enjoy! #havefun #stripquilting #usingscraps

Photo: Martha G. Brady

The video I will share with you describes one of many types of quilting to use to make quilts with strips of fabric.  Because I was making a table runner that was only 12 inches wide, I did a bit of a twist on that one.  I also decided to use different widths of strips to mix it up a bit.  This runner was 72 inches long.  You may not want one that long so can adjust yours in terms of length.

Differences from the video

The difference I did in my project was that since I had strips that were of different widths and needed to know exactly where my colors were going to be, I made my strips very, very long.  I connected them on the diagonal as the video describes.  I connected them so they were 12 inches wide, maybe a little more, so I had some space to trim.  Then, once all the strips were connected, I used my large square ruler to even my edges and cut my lengths of fabric 12 inches long so the design was horizontal instead of vertical.   I cut 6  12 inch squares of each, laid them out in the way I wanted them to be and joined them together!   The runner came out even prettier than I imagined!  (I ran out of time to finish the back so this is only the top of the runner.  I still need to get the back on.)

Comments on color

Another comment I’ll make re this, has to do with color.  If you want a touch of intense colors, you may want to lessen the size of the the strips as I did with the orange and gold.  With intense colors like yellow, red, orange.  (There may be others,  I know these are for sure!)  With intense colors, a little goes a long way.  You don’t need as much to do the job.  Keep that in mind when putting them in your project.

Also, regarding color, use various shades of color in your project to make it pop!  Otherwise, your project will be more drab looking and you might not know why.  It needs colors in light, medium AND dark shades to make it pop.  Try it out.  You’ll see the difference here.