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redAnd the summer flew!  Labor Day is past and September is officially in gear.  It seems that even those who start school on the late side have started now.  Fall schedules are starting.  The summer of 2013 is past.

This coming week at church, our women’s Bible study will start up.  I’m looking forward to it!

I think you know the drill for Five minute Friday.  The rules are:

  • write for 5 minutes.
  • link to the Five minute Friday page.
  • and no matter what, stop and leave an encouraging word for the person just before you…and anyone else you’d like to stop and visit.



I never thought of it as my favorite color

But if you look at my fabric stash

You will find about every shade of red possible

From the hottest pink red through cherry red all the way to the orange reds

Why do I have so much red in my stash?


Did you know that for a quilt to be beautiful from a color perspective

There must be a variety of shades of the same color or different colors

That don’t all have the same volume

There need to be some lights, darks and mediums at least.

Then the quilt will “pop”


Without contrast in the color, the quilt won’t “pop”

For some reason, I seem to always get some pop in a quilt with a touch of red

It doesn’t take much.

A touch here or there and that is what it needs.

Obviously, red isn’t my only choice.

It just happens to often be my choice.              STOP


I’ve had to learn in quilting this one thing:

I may not always like every individual color that is in my quilt

I’m definitely not a lover of neutrals

But without some of those plain colors and neutrals, without the darks


The quilt won’t “pop”

It will be drab, plain and dull…or so busy that nothing shows up.


What can I learn about life from that?