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Over the years, people say, “I could never do what you do.” Sometimes they are saying, “I could never do it because I don’t want to.” Other times they are saying, “Your calling looks so much more glamourous than mine.”

Please, take the time to read this great post from Joy Forney. She and her family have been missionaries in Indonesia for 8 years and they just returned from furlough to a new field: Uganda!  They are learning a new culture, language and way of life!  Her husband is a pilot for Mission Aviation Fellowship.  Often, he is gone.  She is there with their 5 kids.

There is no status in GOD’s Kingdom

It will give you an appreciation for the place where GOD has put you!  There is no status with the situations GOD places each of us in.  If we are where He has put us to serve Him, that is the best place to be!

For her, at this time, it is overseas…in Uganda.  When they are in the U.S., it may sound glamourous, even adventurous, but there is a lot of drudgery and mundaneness to her life just like there is in yours.

Their family is aware that they are quiet radicals…

that’s what we are called to be as well!

And loneliness.  None of her family and close friends from college and years gone by live near.  Now, none of her friends from Indonesia are near either.  The culture she adjusted to is not where she is now.  She is starting over in a new and different place.  That can get old some days.

I’m sure she doesn’t want your pity, but as exciting as the life of a missionary might sound, it can be difficult as well.  They don’t like to emphasize that side of things when they speak to your group, but they need your prayers: for protection from disease, from danger, from evil.  They need prayer for spiritual prosperity in difficult places and wisdom raising their kids…just like you do.  They also need your prayers to continue to look to Jesus for strength each day…as do we!

So read her post and be encouraged.  Take time to pray for her and her family.  And read her blog too!  She is a great writer!

Use this as a springboard to pray for other missionaries you know…

and drop them an email to tell them you are praying for them…

along with updates of family news.

And look around you to encourage others you live with.  Encourage them as quiet radicals in their part of the Kingdom of GOD.